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Skin Treatment Process
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Custom Designed Facial Treatments

    Each skin treatment is designed to correct conditions which impede the physiological processes of a healthy skin.
    The esthetic treatment is designed to accomodate the needs of each individual client based upon their specific derma analysis.  This process entails complete and thorough anatomy, physiology and product chemistry.  The treatment process includes a thorough plan of action with projected goals.  It is important to have a series of treatments for the best results.
     Each client will be educated about their individual skin condition.  The derma analysis will chek for the condition of the follicules, general tone and texture, elasticity and coloration of the skin. (suffocation, asphyxiation)

     The facial will assist the facial circulatory system, the facial lymphatic system, eccrine and sebaceous systems, all of which lead to an activation of the body's self cleansing mechanism which is the primary goal of the esthetic treatments.  The tapping movements increases the temperature of the facial area.  This liquifies the sebum and brings new blood into the face.  This is regenerative, cleansing and purging.  The entire stimulation process helps to break down the skins surface resistance to further treatment.

    During the skin treatment the skin is always exfoliated.  This prepares the skin for extraction, biological nutrients and the acceptance of the treatment mask.  After the dead cell layer has been exfoliated and the follicular deposits have been softened the skin is prepared for extracting.  The high frequency machine is used before and after the extracting to sterilize and speed up the healing process.  The extracting step is the process of evacuating the clogged sebum from the follicle if it is needed.
     At this point in the treatment the skin is hydrated, cleansed, and relatively free of impurities.  Further desincrustation or penetration of treatment serums can be applied.  With some treatments the galvanic machine is used to force the layers of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin.  An added treatment of facial aerobices can also be performed at this time.  This is an added treatment that tones and lifts the facial muscles.  After the products are applied with penetrating tapping techniques or the galvanic machine, the skin is prepared to receive a treatment mask.  The work of the treatment mask is to activate the self-cleansing mechanism, forcing wastes and cellular fluids to the surface of the skin and reactivate the positive exchanges of oxygen between the skin and the environment.  The treatment mask will hydrate the skin, diluting the potency of wastes and driving follicular deposits from the skin.  Reddening may occur from stimulating masks due to the activation of the circulatory systems.  Sedative action masks will sedate the circulatory system yet activate the sebaceous and eccrine systems.  The end result of the treatment mask is the removal of wastes from the skin, tremendous hydration and the normalization of the sebum concentration of the skin.

    The skin, following the treatments actions of cleansing and purging waste material, must now be protected.  An appropriate cream or emulsion is selected in order to prserve the effects of the corrective treatment.  The product will first hydrate the skin and then provide some oil or lipid based ingredient to serve as a sealant for the moisture.  Other steps included with each treatment is steaming, facial brushing and various calming modalities.  The corrective treatment process takes approximately an hour.

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