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1 Square Inch of Skin
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   Every inch of skin contains millions of cells, an intricate network of blood vessels and nerves.  The skin contains openings for hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands.
   Most skin problems are seen on the epidermis, the surface layer of the skin.  The epidermis is made up of a substance called keratin.  Trouble can start in the dermis, the layer that lies just below the epidermis.  The dermis is made of collagen and elastin fibers.  The blood vessels. fat cells, oil and sweat glands are held together by collagen fibers.
   The facial treatments will assist to strengthen the collagen and elastin fibers which builds a strong foundation for wrinkle prevention.  Nutritional education is provided to also assist with reversing the aging process.  The facial toning treatment is designed to force the nutrients into the dermis layer of the skin.  This will also aid in strengthening the collagen and elastin fibers.