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How Food Effects the Face
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Horizontal lines on the forehead may indicate excessive liquid retention.
If the nose is swollen and soft and watery, this also may indicate too much liquid retention.  If the nose is swollen and appears fat and hard, this is a sign of an excess of butter, cheese and may indicate fatty deposits around the heart region.  Greenish colors at the sides of the nose may indicate poor stomach and spleen function.  Vertical lines at the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows may indicate poor liver function, or excess of yang foods.
The upper lip relates to upper and lower stomach regions.  Lower lip swelling indicates constipation.  Dark spots on the lips or recurring sores shows blood stagnation in the digestive system.  Whitish lips show blood in the intestines is weak and absorption is poor.  Tight lips indicate tight intestines.
Swelling under the eyes indicates excess water and the kidneys are not discharging properly.  Swelling under the eyes appearing hard indicates excess fat stored in the kidneys.  Swollen blood vessels under the eyes or a red purplish color around the eyes indicates stagnation of blood in the kidney region.  If there are no bags, no swelling, but discolorations of red, blue,  and a purplish appearance, there may be kidney stones, cysts, or fatty deposits.

    The food you eat is the nutrition you give your skin.  Healthy skin nutrition is important for a healthy skin.  .